Kimia Gostar Fakhre Mahan Company

  • پارسی (Persian)
Kimia Gostar Fakhre Mahan

Kimia Gostar Fakhre Mahan is supplier and importer of Ingredients and Additive materials used in the food industries (confectionery, chocolate, soft drinks, ice cream, beverage ...), pharmaceutical, chemical industry (paints and resins.....) and cosmetic.

Kimia Gostar Fakhre Mahan with having many years' experience in importing Ingredients and Additive , having a good back Ground and a permanent presence in the Iran domestic market with having familiarity with the foreign suppliers and reputable manufacturers (German, Chinese, Indian ...) has led this company to be considered as one of the reputable suppliers with the best prices and best quality in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, as well as between wholesalers and retailers in the Iran market.

The company is a major importer of following Ingredients and Additive for food: Vanillin, Xanthan Gum, menthol, calcium propionate Mannitol, SBC, citric acid Anhydrous and Monohydrate, Ascorbic acid, sodium citrate, potassium sorbate, sodium Glutamate, sodium acetate, guar gum, dextrose Anhydrous and Monohydrate,, isolated soy protein, maltodextrins, sorbitol India and French Roqutte , Aspartame, Acesulfame, Folic Acid, Glycine, Benzoic Acid, Glycerin Mono stearate, Lactose Germany and CMC. Sodium alginate, antioxidant TBHQ, BHT, Beta-Carotene, 10% and 30%, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Sodium Polyphosphate, Oocoa Powder, Coconut Powder of Low-Fat and High-Fat, Tartaric Acid, Trisodium phosphate (Food and Beverage), Titanium Dioxide, edible , Bleach Soil (soil tonsils), Mustard, edible and Industrial Hydrogen Peroxide, Di sodium Phosphate edible oils, Cocoa butter substitute CBS, jelly cakes, CMC Sanroz Japan and China, Saccharin Sodium, Potassium Citrate, Fumaric Acid, Carrageenan, Caffeine, Potassium Carbonation, Glycine, Lactose, MEGLE Germany 80 mesh and 200, Malic Acid, Sodium Metabisulfite (German and Chinese), Calcium carbonate, Mono Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Calcium Chloride food, Mono Triglycerides, Sodium Nitrite edible BASF Germany, Lactic Acid% 85

Kimia Gostar Fakhre Mahan